Heart To Heart

Individual sessions provide a space to explore more pointedly whats arising in your heart. I can offer personal spaces in two ways - via a writing session to explore more deeply a struggle you are navigating, or as a Human Design reading. Reach out with any questions to assess needs.

Scholarships and sliding scale pricing is available.

Individual Writing Facilitation

Who are you really beneath the ideas and beliefs you've so long held on to? For the majority of us, we follow a given path, often struggling to find the true self. Writing provides a method to be in curious inquiry, discovering just how our mind leads us into the depth of our heart. My role will be guide you through questions and reflections. Ultimately, you have the answer. What would it look like to trust in your own voice?

$65/ hour session

Human Design Reading

Moudi HD.jpeg

Human Design is an energetic blueprint of who you are based on the date, time, and location you were born.  Blending eastern and western astrology, along with spiritual traditions, your Human Design chart serves as a map into your true self, detailing your energetic gifts and flow.

1 hour session includes a copy of your chart and Zoom recording.