Mental Health & Crisis Care

Writing can often surface traumas and wounds that have long been hidden, often seemingly insurmountable or difficult to handle. In the event that you become aware of your need for help, please reference the links listed below to find professional mental help and counselling services. Please vet service providers for your own personal needs.


Find A Therapist - Utah Psychology Association

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Poetry, Books, and Other Inspirations

Audre Lorde writes "Poetry is not a luxury. It is a vital necessity of our existence." To say that poetry, which I take as writing, is the birthplace of resistance, the center of hope, the doorway into our very aliveness. Everything is a poem, from headlines to book titles - poetry is all around us. The authors and writers I am most drawn to often write from within the mythopoetic lens. Here you'll find poetry resources, books that have shaped me, quotes I've gathered, and writers I admire  as inspiration to get you along your journey.


Stuttering & Speech Disfluencies

I've stuttered since I can remember talking. There are many different kinds of stuttering and speech disfluencies ranging the spectrum of repetitions, blocks, pauses, etc. Just like no two people look the same, no two people communicate in the same way. What it comes down to, as I've learned, is effective communication. I experience what is called a cover stutter - that is, it is not as easily recognizable, but experienced all the same. You can imagine why I love writing so much. Please reach out if you, or someone you know, are a person that stutters and need someone to talk to in a judgment free and brave space. 

Passing Twice - LGBTQ+ persons who stutter

national stuttering association

A friend I made at the National Stuttering Association's conference in Austin, Texas - 2021. Children who are taught to accept their speech instead of conform into cultural expectations of what effective communication is often grow up more confident with who they are. The therapy I received was more in the vain of changing the way I talk. Attending this convention has largely helped me redefine what it means to communicate effectively, and let go of the lifelong shame that often accompanies a speech disfluency.