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River Writing

Writing at a community table. Visit RiverWriting.com to learn more.

Service Description

River Writing is a community writing collective in the spirit of honesty, kindness, non-judgement, listening, shared responsibility, self care, and confidentiality and consent. We gather as a group of 8 to read poetry, write, share, and co-create a container of bravery. If you are exploring writing, this is a great place to start. Choose among a number of wonderful facilitators and series lengths. If you'd like to try out a table out of curiosity, consider signing up for a Two Hours At The Table to dip your pen into the page in discovery of what this is all about. Visit Riverwriting.com to learn more. From RiverWriting.com - What is River Writing?™ An opportunity to witness and be witnessed, a community-based writing practice, and a courage class. We keep our pens moving on the page as we write together with abandon, with no intention of making it good. Shamelessly shunning spelling and syntax, we invite words to flow unobstructed from a river of inner-narrative. Then we read to each other without preface or apology. No caveats. No comments. We listen to each other without offering praise or criticism.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact me via email at moudih@gmail.com