"Moudi’s ability to see truth is why I knew, and proclaimed with a full body “hell, yeah!”, that he was the person I wanted to chart my human design and help me understand myself better."

— Hala Saleh

"His reading was so enlightening for me.  I had so many aha's about why I lived the way I did...Moudi has such a calming caring spirit and was so thorough with the information he shared with me."

— Teri Iverson

"Moudi creates a safe and open environment to explore ones own poetic self. He offers wisdom and knowledge beyond his years.  Writing with Moudi has opened new pathways in my heart and mind."

— Nancy McNally

"The curiosity, authenticity, and love Moudi brings to interpreting Human Design ushers in grace, self-compassion, and a solid path for improving relationships with self and others. If you’re looking for a way to know yourself better, you can trust Moudi as a gentle and trustworthy guide."

— Paula Braley

"I had the opportunity of having my Human Design Chart calculated and interpreted by Moudi in March of 2021 and as a person who has historically felt at odds with what my mind tells me and what my body intuitively feels and knows-I have never felt so seen and understood in my life". 

— Jared Gomez

"Moudi created a safe, supportive and judgment free environment at his table that allows you to discover and speak your truth through writing. Not only did I connect directly with Moudi, through his thoughtful curation of writings, but he facilitated connection with the other people in my workshop. I was moved in ways I hadn't anticipated and found great joy every week around the table."

— Kim Raff

"Moudi’s intuition to encourage me to join him at the writing table was exactly what I needed. He creates a very positive, safe space to express whatever your brain has the desire to express. And shares vulnerability that inspires you to dig deep. He’s very passionate about inclusion of every kind and has so much compassion for humans. My love and appreciation for him has grown even deeper."

— Ashley Sant

"When writing with Moudi, there is an intimacy by which you feel enveloped. To be in the kindest of spaces allows one to feel welcomed to allow their most vulnerable and truest self. That openness is a powerful place from which to write...If you have even an inkling to write with Moudi, dive into that “YES!” whole-heartedly."

— Karen Bayard

"My human Design reading with Moudi was more than I expected and exactly what I needed...When the level of vulnerability caught me by surprise, Moudi couldn't have responded more perfectly by being a safe container and sounding board for the experience. I still regularly listen to the recording provided from my session."

— Protea Grows