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Writing is the doorway to ourselves. It's a practice in understanding who we are. During a writing session we’ll explore what's most alive in us, our shared joys, struggles, challenges, dreams, and possibilities. We'll practice how to open ourselves up bravely. Through pointed prompts and shared poetry, we'll  gather in tenderness around the table to meet each other. In this way, writing helps us create language around our felt experiences, mapping our internal landscape. It empowers us to trust our voice, rooting into the integrity of unwavering truth. You don't need to be good. Writing isn't just for published authors and columnists. Writing is for everyone.

I'm available to facilitate writing workshops for you and your team, family, community. We'll write to explore what's alive and true in a shared space of compassion and witness. What better way to more deeply realize that, at heart, we are all the same. 

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Heart To Heart


Individual sessions provide a space to explore more pointedly what's arising for you. During a session we'll ground and explore what's most pressing. My role is to ask questions and offer you reflections in encouragement to write it out. Through this process we'll identify themes and further prompts to dig deeper. Ultimately, you have the answer. Fill the form above and indicate that you are looking for a private writing faciliation. 

River Writing - Community Writing Workshops


"An opportunity to witness and be witnessed, a community-based writing practice, and a courage class. We keep our pens moving on the page as we write together with abandon, with no intention of making it good. Shamelessly shunning spelling and syntax, we invite words to flow unobstructed from a river of inner-narrative. Then we read to each other without preface or apology. No caveats. No comments. We listen to each other without offering praise or criticism."

Community writing workshop are available at Myself and other exemplary facilitators frequently offer 8 week long workshops as well as 2 Hours At The Table opportunities to dip your pens and try out writing at the table with others. 

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Why Write?

Writing is a practice in understanding who we are. It is how we meet our most essential truth, buried beneath the ideas, opinions, and expectations we adopt along the way. Often times throughout our lives we come to find that we feel purposeless, broken, and unsatisfied. More than ever today, people battle a deep felt sense of loneliness and a fractured sense of worth. Understandably so. There is so much to do, not enough time to do it, and no matter what we buy or distract ourselves with, we still feel empty. You are not alone.

In our mad rush to get to wherever we think we need to get to, we forget to enjoy where we are, what we have, and who we are with. We think that if we achieve this goal, or buy this product, or impress that person then suddenly the emptiness we feel inside will fill with happiness and love. The problem is, this doesn't work. Of our deepest yearnings in this world is to have a sense of belonging, certainty, and security.  We all want to be loved. Writing helps us slow down in curious discovery of who we are beneath the exhausting facade we carry everyday. 

We are each a collection of layered experiences. Over time, the weight of those experiences fossilize us into habits and identities. Consider yourself an archaeologist; the pen your digging tool, the page the possibilities of discovery.  As you process through memory, you'll begin to uncover your truth and make sense of who you are, and how you were shaped by life. Through the page we come to meet ourselves and each other.